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About The Project

Exploring Labor Exploitation: A Shared Commitment to Combat Human Trafficking

The INVERT project aims to combat the use of legal companies by labour traffickers who exploit victims by assisting EU prosecutor offices, law enforcement agencies (LEAs), and judicial authorities in identifying and disrupting these business models and the trafficking chain.

The project will develop a fully functional and user-friendly prototype suite of risk assessment tools for prosecutor offices and LEAs officials to smoothen and improve their day-to-day activities and investigations related to labour trafficking, with special attention to child victims.

The prototype INVERT suite will be designed carefully, taking into consideration the ideas and suggestions of the end users of the suite of tools (i.e., prosecutor offices and LEAs), and it will be tested by partners prosecutor offices and LEAs officials for a period of 3 months on cases of adult and child labour trafficking in two environments: a) general and b) specific, such as in areas affected by organised crime (gangmaster system). The prototype INVERT suite will be evaluated gathering the feedback of prosecutor offices and LEAs officials to implement potential refinements and modifications. The validation will be performed during the final conference, hosted by the European Labour Authority.

INVERT will also develop comprehensive training modules to build capacity of prosecutors and LEAs, strengthening their professional and technical capabilities in the fight against and the prevention of labour trafficking. Particular attention will be given to the actors involved in the trafficking chain and to transnational criminal groups. The training module will focus on (i) the characteristics and trends of labour trafficking of adults and children, (ii) the characteristics, trends and victims of labour trafficking in areas affected by organized crime (gangmaster system); (iii) how to deal with victims, and (iv) practical instructions on how to use the prototype INVERT suite. A dedicated training programme will be devoted to the investigations in order to make them more efficient and effective.

Join us in our mission to tackle labor exploitation in the context of Trafficking in Human Beings. This crucial endeavor is not just a European concern; it resonates globally as we confront the criminal business form of labor exploitation and human trafficking.

Together, let’s work towards a world free from the shackles of human trafficking.