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Online workshop - November 22, 2023

The workshop, organised by CCTL (Carabinieri Command for Labour Protection), was held online in November 2023. Partners of the INVERT consortium and external stakeholders attended the event.

The workshop was an opportunity to present:

  • Trafficking crime indicators that were identified during investigations and that were used to establish potential risk factors related to labour exploitation and trafficking in human beings;
  • Risk factors selected by CCTL for the INVERT Project, in relation to 1) victims of: trafficking in human beings, irregular intermediation, labour exploitation, and child exploitation; and 2) companies involved.

These risk factors have been analyzed and verified through online engagement with international experts in labour exploitation and trafficking in human beings.

The workshop represented another opportunity to assess the characterizing features of places of abuse and victims of trafficking in human beings for labour exploitation thanks to the active participation of representatives of prosecutor offices, law enforcement agencies (LEAs) and organizations working across Europe.

The risk factors will follow a process of operationalization into risk indicators which has been already initialized. Risk indicators will be then included in the prototype of a suite of risk assessment tools that will provide prosecutor offices and LEAs with effective and easy-to-use tools to be employed in criminal investigations to fasten the identification of specific legal companies possibly being employed for adult and child labour exploitation as well as potential victims of trafficking in human beings.